Indoor Air Quality Threats And What To Do About Them

Indoor Air Quality Threats

Were you aware that an inside environment might have nearly 10x as many pollutants as an outdoor environment? Understanding this information is your first step to bettering the indoor air quality  of yourhome or office. Here are three contaminants commonly found indoors and what to do about them.

Biological Contaminants – These are microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, mold and dust mite and can easily live and flourish in your house. They can cause continuing health problems like allergic reactions, worsening asthma symptoms.

Particulates – Many things you may not think about all can become airborne and cause problems, such as pet dander, dust and even insect parts. Some of these you can view, but others are so tiny that you will never be able to view them without a microscope, however they are there and getting into and on everything.

Gaseous Fumes – These pollutants come from such places as air fresheners, household cleaners, varnishes, adhesives and paints. Carpets, furnishings and drapes also give off these fumes.

Remedies You Can Take:

UV Light Purifiers – Ultraviolet light kills microorganisms by essentially causing lasting cellular damage.

HEPA Filters – These ultra-efficient air filters trap up to 99.97% of all particles – which includes microorganisms. These HEPA filters lower allergy and asthma symptoms and help alleviate their suffering.

Electronic Air Purifiers – These machines actively attract pollutants to them with a magnetic, electrical charge.

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