Air Conditioning Coils – Keeping em’ Clean

You know things are bad when your AC Unit looks like this…

Dirty-AC-150x150In order to maximize the efficiency of your home comfort
system whose major components consist of air conditioning coils, you will have to keep them very clean. It does not matter what kind of unit your home has, if you want to reduce yor energy levels while enhancing your comfort levels, you will have to do regular servicing and the required upgrades on it.

Below are some of the ways through which your A/C system will be able to continue operating healthily:

Professional cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils on a regular basis is important. This is because it will get rid of dust and grit that has build up on those coils over some time. In doing the cleaning, you will avoid problems that would have occurred otherwise while ensuring that your A/C unit keeps on operating at peak efficiency.

Replacing or cleaning of air filters every 4-6 weeks is critial. The frequency however, can be higher if you own a dog or cat.

When the coils are not kept clean, there is usually a buildup of dust and dirt. This will block the transfer of heat within the condenser oil thus rendering it not cool enough to convert hot gas back to liquid form. While the A/C will continue running, it will fail to cool. After some time, the compressor will end up overheating then stop working. Preventative air conditioning unit maintenance will therefore not only extend the lifespan of your system but also provide the right environment for you and your family.

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